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Dan Bilzerian kinda blew my mind

Earlier this month I spent a few days reporting in the field with Dan “Blitz” Bilzerian, BuzzFeed’s “Most Interesting Man on Instagram.” I met him at the Pro Gun Club outside of Vegas, where he and Kyle Myers of FPSRussia fame were blowing shit up. Dan being Dan, there were girls of course… Lots and lots of […]

Hello, world… I SUCK!

Outside just published my latest story about my DNF at a Malibu Spartan Sprint.   As humiliating as that experience was, I’m stoked I found such a cool platform to share it. And it seems like the story struck a chord. It’s been shared quite a bit, and for several days sat atop Outside‘s Most Popular. Even […]

Greetings from The Killing Fields: A Postcard

One of the Indiegogo perks my wife cooked up was a “Postcard from the U.K.” Straight away it sounded like a fun idea, but it wasn’t until this past weekend – when we finally booked our tickets to Tough Guy – that we figured out what the postcard will look like.*  If you need a refresher […]

Be a Hero. Share our Indiegogo. WIN.

We hit our first Indiegogo goal of $15,000! Thanks so much to all of our 235 backers (so far)! This gets our crew to England this month to shoot Tough Guy. Looking ahead, we have a few events we’d like to be at next month – and characters we’d like to interview – including a […]

I Did Not Finish… a “5K”

The Spartan Race slogan is You’ll Know at the Finish Line. But what happens if you don’t make it that far? Well, I just found out at the Malibu Spartan Sprint (unfortunately.) It was my first fail at an obstacle race, and it happened in epic fashion. While writing about the experience makes me cringe, I do […]

Yes, I married up. (Way up)

To the casual observer, Amber and I may seem like an odd couple. I mean, let’s be honest: THIS… …isn’t for everyone. While that look has its place (ie. drum circles), it’s certainly not on the arm of a girl that looks like this in a magazine. Or this… And it’s a fact I’ve been (repeatedly) […]

Rise of the Sufferfests: Promo Video

Obstacle course racing (OCR) is all the rage these days. It’s on the Today Show. It’s on Wheaties’ boxes. And this month, the Spartan World Championship was televised on NBC Sports Network. In 2013, upwards of 4 million people will suffer through ice, fire, electricity, barbed wire, burpees and mud. Which is pretty wild when you […]

Kickstarter Update: Mom thinks I need a haircut

Here at the halfway point of our Kickstarter, it’s fair to say Rise of the Sufferfests is not lighting the world on fire (just yet.) Mom thinks it’d go much better if I cut my hair (“and found a razor”). Another buddy thinks I should “be more alpha.”  So… I had a little fun with […]