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Look ma! I’m in ‘Entrepreneur’!

    I’m legitimately honored to be featured in Entrepreneur’s roundup of Top Creatives. Matt Villano’s cover story features a handful of “inventive people” dishing their secrets to success. What’s my secret? YOU! “I work best when others are counting on me. So when I decided to make a feature documentary about the obstacle race phenomenon, I knew […]

STFU: Confessions of a Reluctant HIIT Man

If you happened to read my essay for Outside about quitting a 3-mile obstacle race, you’d know I’m a confessed beta male. Walking off the course was an affront to the Spartan ethos. Fortunately, I have a sense of humor about it. But for a variety of reasons — including the birth of my son […]

Sufferfests: A Sponsorship Opportunity

After months of writing, designing and revising – and many sleepless nights – I’m psyched to finally share my Partnership Prospectus for ROSF. While it’s sure to evolve as we engage potential brand partners, this should be enough to get the conversation started. I hope you dig. And needless to say, if you know someone […]

Oxfam PSA – Unleash Your Inner David

Admittedly, I’ve been mostly focused on @sufferfests-stuff for the past year, BUT it’s a real honor to have written the script for a project like this… For more on Joanna Manu and all the awesome work Oxfam is doing, read this. And please share. And get involved. Oxfam is fighting the good fight. But they […]

Hunter McIntyre is OCR’s Unbeatable Ego

I’ve met a lot of characters through the years, but few are as wild and entertaining as Hunter McIntyre. The Reebok-sponsored athlete is a hard-partying former male model who has been taking obstacle racing by storm, and the subject of my first piece for Men’s Journal. With the help of a sub-16 minute 5k that defies his linebacker […]

Dan Bilzerian kinda blew my mind

Earlier this month I spent a few days reporting in the field with Dan “Blitz” Bilzerian, BuzzFeed’s “Most Interesting Man on Instagram.” I met him at the Pro Gun Club outside of Vegas, where he and Kyle Myers of FPSRussia fame were blowing shit up. Dan being Dan, there were girls of course… Lots and lots of […]

Hello, world… I SUCK!

Outside just published my latest story about my DNF at a Malibu Spartan Sprint.   As humiliating as that experience was, I’m stoked I found such a cool platform to share it. And it seems like the story struck a chord. It’s been shared quite a bit, and for several days sat atop Outside‘s Most Popular. Even […]