If “This American Life” doesn’t want me…

I’m in a book!

This one on the left.

And in a sentence lifted off the book jacket, Rejected is “a hilarious collection of rejected stories – and rejected works – by some of today’s most accomplished and up-and-coming comedic writers and performers, sharing their pieces that were ripped to pieces and their own experiences of being handed their hats, heads, and hearts on a platter.”

Essentially, the book features essays, jokes, sketches, cartoons and articles passed over by venues like Saturday Night Live, The Onion, and, in my case, This American Life.

And it includes some of my heroes. Like Neal Pollack. And Jon Stewart. In fact, in the Table of Contents, my byline is barely an inch away from Jon Stewart’s. So I’ve got that going for me.

In case you’re wondering, my essay chronicles my week at the prestigious American Legion New Jersey Boys’ State summer political camp. It was a week in which I rose above the 748 other campers, to the second highest elected office (President of the Senate). And it was a week that ended in me being the first kid ever – in the 48-year-history of the program – to be impeached from office.

I went down in a blaze of ignominy. And if you want to find out how exactly, I encourage you to buy a copy.