A Great White Shark Story Like No Other

What happens when you pump Judas Priest into the Great White waters of Guadalupe Island? A shark will eat your submersible speaker. Just ask legendary music video director Dean Karr. It happened to him.

CHASING TAIL is a true account of my five days aboard Dean Karr’s 8th Annual Rock ‘n Roll White Shark Expedition. It features some very big sharks; the twisted mind behind Marilyn Manson’s breakout video, “Sweet Dreams”; a NIN guitarist; Lacey from VH1’s Rock of Love; a white rapper from the OC; and far too much tequila and Tecate.

I’d originally written this feature for Outside. But in the end, my editor couldn’t rally support and the magazine passed. I considered pitching it around, but ultimately decided to take matters into my own hands. I teamed up with an absurdly talented visual artist, and a web developer, and created an iPad application.

iPadders can BUY CHASING TAIL from the app store for 99 cents. And for those of you without Apple’s shiny new toy, I’m working to convert it to other e-reader formats. Nook, Kindle, as well as pdfs you can read on your computer. I’ll let you know when it’s on Amazon.

Here’s my iTunes Preview

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