Crash dieting on the Master Cleanse

For better or worse, I’ve always fancied myself an investigative humorist. I love finding or embedding myself in strange and uncomfortable scenarios, situations, subcultures, etc, in hopes of coming away with an original and interesting story to share. A story that makes people laugh and think and discuss long after the last line.

It’s what led me to get Botox in my sweaty pits for Men’s Health. It’s what coaxed me into writing about my chronic bedwetting for Jane. Or to write an expose about medical marijuana for Details. And more recently, it’s part of what motivated me to plunge – no cannonball – straight into a 10-day Master Cleanse (aka, the “lemonade diet”).

I ate nothing. And drank nothing except for the cayenne-seasoned lemonade. It was as terrible as it sounds, but I did lose 16 pounds in just 10 days. Hmm…

Here’s my story
about my misadventures on the Master Cleanse.


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