Jimmy Gnecco should be more famous

Sweating it out in the studio with Jimmy
Sweating it out in the studio with Jimmy

As many friends have found, it doesn’t take very long for me to steer music conversations towards the topic of Ours, which is, from what I can tell, the best band nobody’s ever heard. Not just because I’ve had the honor of recording and touring with them. But because frontman Jimmy Gnecco has the best voice in rock and roll. Period.

I’m not the only one who holds him in such high esteem. While Gnecco is relatively unknown – despite three major label releases – he’s earned the respect and admiration of several industry titans. Marilyn Manson, Richard Patrick (Filter), Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) and Rick Rubin all count themselves as fans. In fact, Rubin won a “Producer of the Year” Grammy in 2009, for a body of work that included Ours latest release, Mercy.

Gnecco has one of the most captivating voices you’ll ever hear, and a supernatural stage presence that makes you wonder how the hell everyone in the world doesn’t know his name.  Packing a falsetto that just might give Satan the chills, he is, in two words, ‘criminally underdiscovered.’

Let’s start you off with an outrageously good Roy Orbison cover…

And quickly graduate you to the EPK for his first solo record, The Heart. It’s a twelve and a half minute, audio-visual rush that just might change your life forever.

If you were as taken by the film as I was, you should really consider buying the record. Lucky for you, I’ve made it real easy, with a link. The album is filled with heart and soul and the kind of ripping raw emotions that will make you feel, think, love, learn, and maybe even cry. He’s one of the very best artists of our generation and, because I’ve been so blessed by all the time I’ve shared with him, I feel utterly compelled to promote him any chance I get.

Here’s one more plug. The video for “Bring You Home,” the first single off his solo debut.