The Treatment Center

My screenwriting partner and I just rented an office in town… a space in which we quickly converted into a writing cave. Easy to do when one of the walls is made of rock.

We’re calling it The Treatment Center. Not because we’ll help you recover from your addictions or anything like that. But because we write treatments for money, among other things.

The Treatment Center is in a squat, stone building with all sorts of character and lots of history. What that history is exactly, beats me. But I’m sure it’s tucked in there somewhere. I’ll find out and get back to you.

While it’s cozy and comfortable, we don’t have Internet in there. And that’s by design. The last thing we need when working on this script is an excuse not to be working on this script. Tod doesn’t agree. He says he needs the Internet for “research” while he’s writing, but I don’t believe him. Plus… it’s a commercial space, and Comcast is really fucking expensive. So I win, for now.

Our wives surely think that we go there to goof off five nights a week. We look forward to proving them wrong.


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