Big Talk wants you to listen up

Big Talk at the Rickshaw Stop, SF (Photo: Tod Brilliant)
Big Talk at the Rickshaw Stop, SF (Photo: Tod Brilliant)

An amigo of mine, Ronnie Vannucci, just released a record… a side project under the name Big Talk. If he were anyone else it’d be good enough to be a main project. But since he’s the drummer for the Killers, well, it’s just a side project.

This is a great good record about women and whiskey and other very important things. And it’s worthy of all the positive press its received so far.

Here’s what SPIN had to say about the first single, “Getaways.”

And here’s a must read cover story about the early days of the Killers, and Ronnie’s role in it all. It captures his goofball personality to a T. You would like him too.

Big Talk played a few shows last month. Vegas, SF and two in LA. I was lucky enough to catch all of them. The highlight, perhaps, was their performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. They played four songs.

Here is one of them.

[hulu Uu4qsi5lOAaCylheDVTYoQ]

If you like it, you should really buy the record. It costs about the same as that cocktail you’re gonna order tonight, and it will be with you much longer.


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