Daydreaming of a 9 to 5

Sometimes I dream of having a real 9 to 5. One where you can leave your job at the office. As in you punch in, punch out, (mostly) forget about what just happened and… reeelax before you lather, rinse, repeat.

This daydream has been more prevalent lately as I’ve been writing from 9 to 5. Not 9am to 5pm, but 9am to 5am.

(It’s 5:25am as I type this.)

Granted, I’m lucky to have been busy with cool commercial gigs for Southwest Airlines and such. But now I’m left playing catch-up on Draft 2 of an investigative feature for Outside magazine.

And when this piece is finally ready for publication, I’ll need to somehow find time to write THAT SCRIPT, THAT BOOK, THAT…

(Hence, the appeal of a 9 to 5 that I can leave behind.)


During these wee hours, when sunrise is but a faint promise of a few hours of sleep, at least I have coyotes outside cheering me on. I can’t totally understand what they’re saying, but I like to think it goes something like this…

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