“I’d rather chew glass than Tweet”

While this probably makes me sound old and irrelevant, I’ve been resisting Twitter ever since I first heard the word Twitter. Maybe it’s the word I dislike. Or maybe it’s b/c between all the Facebook, espn.com and internet porn, I have more than enough distractions at my desk. Either way, I’ve smugly avoided it for years, telling people, “I’d rather chew glass than Tweet.”

So right about now…

I’m pretty happy I didn’t place any bets on the matter. (I’d rather eat crow than glass.)

While my grasp of the platform is dim at best, I’m determined to get up to speed before my investigative feature hits newsstands next month.

Why the about face?

Two reasons: 1) The magazine offered to put my – how do you call it? – “handle” in the bio lines, and 2) Enough friends have given the WTF speech over the years that I’m finally caving. (I’m looking at you, Deric Gunshor.)

So here I am, with a mouthful of crow.

I tried lamenting to my wife (who doesn’t Tweet), but Amber wasn’t buying it: “Give it two weeks. You’ll be obsessed.” She’s probably right. I’m sure I’ll check back and let you know how it goes. OR you can see for yourself and… follow me on Twitter?

Oh, and I promise that when I finally figure out WTF is going on and how it all works, I’ll start sending out Tweets.



Twitter can be good for getting in contact with people whose email address you might not have otherwise been able to find, but not worth the amount of time people spend on it

Scott Keneally

Yeah. I can see the benefits, but hell, I’m not too savvy with it. And certainly not obsessed yet.

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