Kenny Lowe

I think it would be an awesome This American Life segment!

I too called 911 when my lowly 4s was stolen. I was assured rather sternly that, as they put it my “little phone going missing is not a real emergency”.

I also had an awkward conversation in a “suspects” driveway about my “missing” phone. This kind gentleman assured me that the find my phone app was mistaken, and there was nothing or nobody in the house besides his elderly mother.

Shortly after departing the gentleman’s driveway I saw my phone travel across the google looking map further into a seedy neighborhood. This time after a call to Sonoma County Sheriffs office I was told they would do a “knock and talk”.

They way the deputy described it, it sounded like he would go and have the same awkward conversation I had just had with whoever answers the door.

Three hours later I got a call from the deputy that while my phone was not found at the last know address 3, count em 3 wanted and known gang members were at that address and were taken into custody on “unrelated charges”.

I’ve not been reunited with that phone yet. Since it was remotely locked and wiped clean via the oh so handy find my iPhone app, I can only assume that it has become a sleek styled paper weight or perhaps a keepsake to remind someone how they sort of got away with something.

Scott Keneally

Wow, Kenny. That’s an even better story! Except for the part where you didn’t get your phone, of course. If I can sell this somewhere, I’d love to weave your experience into my piece. Funny shit.

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