Beam me up, Scotty

Earlier this month, a Houston law firm assigned my Outside feature in their workshop on Intellectual Property. Admittedly, when I was first asked to speak to the 20 or so students about Tough Mudder, I imagined it would be in person.  And with that came the requisite delusions of grandeur: 1st class ticket to Texas, swank hotel suite, perhaps a small speaking fee… who knows?!? I’ve never done anything like this.

And then the Year 2012 jammed its smelling salts up my nose, snapping the spell. There was no cushy plane ride in my future… not even coach. Rather, I’d be beamed into the conference room via the magic of Google Hangout.

Oh, right.

Still, I was thrilled and honored, and for 15 minutes I discussed my thoughts on Tough Mudder’s – um… unique? – take on IP. I answered some questions. And that was that. I didn’t think much about it again until just now, when I logged onto Twitter for the first time in two weeks.

And there it was, probably the first thing ever written about me. And it’s quite funny. (Not that the folks at Tough Mudder would think so.)

Thank you, Megan Strange, for writing that. And your enthusiasm. You just made my NYE.

Tonight, I toast to LiveStrange.

Oh, and here I am, on the big screen(s), with my 10-foot-face… drinking coffee and waiting for the slackers to trickle in.


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