Hmm… is the Rave Run the next Neon Run?


According to race organizers:

The Rave Run was founded in 2012 by a runner, an artist and an insomniac. The idea was to bring the adrenaline pumping music and special effects from electronic festivals onto a 5K course. The dazzling light effects are designed by EDC artists and industry experts. It’s like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory except with lights. It’s candy for your eyes and ears. It’s a glow run…gone wild! Get ready for the night of your life. Experience a magical world of light and sound unlike anything else out there.

I must admit, I’m already a bit wary as they’re using photos from other events to promote theirs.

I could be wrong, but this one…

…looks a hell of a lot like Austin Trail of Lights.

SO I ask… how much of the course will feature dazzling lights and sounds?

Will it be “a nocturnal wonderland”, or will runners have to fend for themselves on a dark, dangerous route filled with potholes?

Will there be any water stations? If so, will there be water at them?

How long will we have to wait in traffic… in registration lines?

Unfortunately, these are the kinds of questions we have to ask these days. Just yesterday…

So I ask, is the Rave Run the next Neon Run? Will thousands leave feeling swindled? OR… will they invest the necessary resources to deliver on what they’re promising? Time will tell. For the sake of the industry – and one of my weekend nights in May – I hope it’s amazing. I’ll report back.

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Found your site while searching for the anonymous Rave Run organizer. I unfortunately participated in this run in Denver on 4/20 and it was the most poorly organized event I have ever participated in. 9News said there were 10000 participants and there were no start waves – the start and end were a complete mess.

It was a total obstacle course between the unlit route that traversed over pavement/curbs/grass, dark colored cord cover speed bumps that crossed the road multiple time throughout the run, runners, walkers and strollers of all sizes. The event organizer actually thought it was a good idea to have 10000 runners intersect at a point in the run creating a figure 8 type course. It was dangerous, if not negligent, and there were reports of numerous injuries.

Beyond that, the event was a complete false advertisement. Two 50 yard sections throughout the course that contained lights and music – hardly the advertised “nocturnal wonderland with 3.1 miles of stunning lights and music.” Definitely no trail of lights, which by the way is why I registered.

It’s a fun idea but I hope this event never comes back to Denver.

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