You know you’re a Tough Guy when…

…you lead with this…

And you’ve EVER looked like this…

Or maybe it’s “Maazel.” I don’t know… I’ve never met him. But according to a thing he posted to my wall back in February, we were standing very very close to one another at the Tough Guy start.

THIS close…

I remember the day Marcel posted that. I remember thinking: This just made my day.  (Though, if I’m being honest… I’d prefer if my reply were dressed in 2-3 fewer exc!ama!!on points. Zero is plenty, one is c!austrophobic.)

Aside from of our shared passion for pain, I honestly don’t really know a lick about him. Just little bits from fb.

I know he’s of German descent but has since moved to Hawaii. And I know that this last detail is of some sort of import to the media.

While I know very little about this Tough Guy, Marcel Martens is one of the (bajillion) reasons I’m excited to be entrenched in this community.

And while I look forward to the day our paths cross, I pray they don’t do so on a day he doesn’t finish.

That would suck.

UPDATE: Marcel seemed to like the post.




Thanks a lot Scott! 🙂

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