‘Tough Mudder Hates Me’ goes to Stanford

Today in ToughMudderHatesMe…

A couple months back, a Stanford MBA student emailed to say he’d sat in on a presentation by Tough Mudder co-founders Will Dean and Guy Livingstone. Tough Mudder was the focus of a business school Case Study, and Will and Guy were invited to speak about the company’s (seemingly) overnight success. Unfortunately for them, several of the MBAs were familiar with my work and – during the Q&A – “peppered them with questions about the company’s ethics.”

Things like: “We read this story in Outside and it seems like there’s a significant disconnect between how you’ve presented yourself and how you actually act.”

(What I would have paid to be a fly on that wall.)

I suggested that it’d be fun to give some kind of follow-up. He agreed, asked the business school’s Outdoor Adventures Club to sponsor an event, and… voila!

While I don’t know what this event will be just yet, I’m pretty sure I won’t be wearing this getup.

I think this time I’ll make a tee shirt.






Scott – this is awesome! Congrats and go get ’em!!

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