Rise of the Sufferfests! A Documentary


You don’t need to see Matt Lauer crawling under barbed wire on the Today Show to know that obstacle racing is smack in the center of the zeitgeist. In 2013, nearly 4 million people will shell out upwards of one billion dollars to suffer through ice, fire, electricity barbed wire, and mud. So it was only a matter of time before someone made a documentary about this odd phenomenon.

Why not me?

Rise of the Sufferfests: Mud, Masochism & Mr. Mouse is a feature documentary that explores the rich history of obstacle racing, psychology behind it, socioeconomic factors that led to its overnight success, and most importantly, what it all means.

WHY? – when the thrust of civilization has been to make life more comfortable – are the masses suddenly paying for punishment?

Photo: JP Lagos
Photo: JP Lagos
  • Are we lonelier than ever?
  • Do we crave camaraderie?’
  • Is this a reaction to an ever-sedentary society?
  • Or, are we all a bunch of narcissists out for an epic profile pic?

These are the questions some of the questions I wanted to answer, which is why I’ve enlisted the help of bright minds and noted thinkers to shed light on the phenomenon.

Behavioral scientists like Michael Norton of Harvard Business School, and best-selling authors like A.J. Jacobs and Christopher McDougall.

And of course, we’ll feature athletes and personalities that lend this world so much color.

Ultimately, this is a movie about YOU, and me, and the millions of mud-loving masochists who shed blood, sweat and tears on the trail, and go home with a smile. I want those who run these events to watch and say THIS. IS. ME. And for those who haven’t to think: it could be.

It’s a film that speaks to this new generation of Spartans, Warriors, Mudders and Tough Guys. And if you want to see it as much as I want to make it, I hope you’ll support our Kickstarter campaign.

So please, rally the troops, kick in, and help spread the word.

Together we can make this movie.

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