this is: Mark Morford, culture critic, columnist, yoga teacher


Ever since discovering Mark Morford’s column a decade ago, I’ve been an eager reader of the SF Gate’s popular culture critic. He’s a next-level thinker who writes about sex, technology, politics and pop culture, all in a signature style that’s as fearless as it is funny. Whether he’s railing against the “backwater hateswamps” (ie. the thirteen States with anti-sodomy laws) or exploring why you probably suck at sex, Morford is one of the most incendiary and awesome* voices in the media.



Morford is a spectacular stylist, a savant, and a two-time winner of a National Society of Newspaper Columnists award for best online column.

But admittedly, he’s NOT for everyone.

I always hoped to meet him someday, buy him a beer, pick his brain. I even considered taking one of his popular yoga classes, even though I don’t do that sort of thing. Instead, I invited him to h2hotel in Healdsburg to recreate ‘Hair of the Downward Dog,’ a LitQuake event with humorist Neal Pollack. And I’d say it worked out.

Over the past few years he’s become a close confidant who – over fine wine, whisky and whatnot – has played Rubik’s cube with my rubrics. He’s pushed me to dig deeper into just about everything, including my obsession with (and psychology behind) the obstacle race phenomenon. These have been fun, fluid conversations… some of which were woven into a column, “You still alive? Prove it.”

And some of which you can see in this promo video for ‘Rise of the Sufferfests.’

He’ll be featured in the documentary, of course. But if you want more Mark now, you should definitely download his new app.


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