this is: Miguel Medina, “medical interpreter”

Maybe it’s just me, but when Spartan Pro Team athlete, Miguel Medina, announced his job title on 60 Minutes Sports, I erupted in laughter.

Admittedly, I’m no headhunter, but – whaat? medical interpreter? – I’d never heard of that.

Plus, his delivery… it was unexpectedly awesome.


The slow, deliberate peel of the gas mask… the beat before his (oxygen-deprived) answer… it all seemed so comically evasive. Like “medical interpreter” was code for “pot grower.”

And then there’s the matter of his sixteen hundred abs. Had he said, “I’m a gigolo,” I probably wouldn’t have batted an eye.

As it turns out “medical interpreter” is code for English-Spanish translator at UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Hospital. Miguel acts as a bridge between patients and providers. Sometimes he’s there to relay great news: a last minute organ donor. Other times, not so much. Think “end of life stuff.” Still, he sees it as a privilege to give a voice to people during their most vulnerable times.

As heavy as his day job sounds, Miguel has a solid sense of humor. When asked what he thought of his television debut, he laughed. “I thought it was fucking hilarious. The whole pulling off of the mask part… I don’t remember it being nearly that dramatic.”

Funnier yet, he didn’t remember it at all at first. As he recalls, “I was at gym doing pull-ups when all of the sudden my phone started blowing up with texts and Facebook messages saying, ‘Dude you’re on 60 Minutes!‘ And I was like, ‘What?’  I was confused. I started freaking out because I didn’t know why I’d be on it. What did they have on me? It made no sense.”

Now that’s some funny shit.

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