You’re a treatment writer? Cool! (WTF is that?)

Usually when I tell people that I’m a ‘treatment writer’, they smile and nod and say things like “Oh, cool!” before asking me WTF that means. I don’t blame them. I hadn’t a clue what that meant before lucking into this oddball career either. But since I prefer showing to telling, I thought it’d be easier to send them a link with samples.

This is that link.

In short, I work with a slew of (wildly talented) directors, developing pitches to help them land work. Sometimes I describe the filmmaker’s approach to a music video or commercial. Other times I’ll pull images and/or design a presentation.  In the case of the following, I did all three. 



Your vision is totally brought to life in these commercials. Kudos to you! One could learn a lot from your treatment writing style! Hopefully I’ll be able to write like that one day.

Camara Cole


This treatment is extremely creative. I have been looking for treatment examples, I am glad I found this one to look at. I want to be a treatment writer/stylist one day. Thank you for posting your treatment for us wanna be’s to see.

Matt Doell

Great treatment Scott! I’m a treatment writer too and like you said, it always begs an explanation. Your explanation and example here is right on the money.


hi–I am doing my first treatment for a documentary–how do I present interviews with people that have not happened yet, or may never agree to in the end? (currently, I am pasting previous statements they made, into the treatment, which are available on-line)


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