Rise of the Sufferfests: Promo Video

Obstacle course racing (OCR) is all the rage these days. It’s on the Today Show. It’s on Wheaties’ boxes. And this month, the Spartan World Championship was televised on NBC Sports Network. In 2013, upwards of 4 million people will suffer through ice, fire, electricity, barbed wire, burpees and mud. Which is pretty wild when you consider that in 2010 that number was around 40,000. These “sufferfests” have charged into ubiquity with lighting speed, which begs the question:

WHY the hell everyone is suddenly paying for pain?

“Rise of the Sufferfests” is a feature documentary that explores the history of obstacle racing, the psychology behind it and most importantly, what it says about the world we’re living in. I’ve assembled a team of excessively bright minds to help shed light on the phenomenon: behavioral scientists, biologists, bestselling authors, psychologists, sociologists and such. And of course, I’ll introduce you to some of the athletes and industry insiders that help tell the story of this new generation of mud-loving masochists.

Here’s the main promo video for our new crowdfunding campaign.

And here’s another teaser about “The Irony of OCR.”

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