Yes, I married up. (Way up)

To the casual observer, Amber and I may seem like an odd couple.

I mean, let’s be honest: THIS

…isn’t for everyone.

While that look has its place (ie. drum circles), it’s certainly not on the arm of a girl that looks like this in a magazine.

Or this…

And it’s a fact I’ve been (repeatedly) reminded of in the day since releasing this (ridiculously cute) song she wrote about our crowdfunding campaign(s).

Some of my male friends have been quick to suggest-slash-acknowledge that she’s outta of my league.

While I won’t argue with them, I WILL count my blessings that opposites attract.

Oh, and to answer your question, Randalyn:

I have not seen Amber FLY yet.

But she’s pretty damned crafty in the kitchen. AND the sewing room. She repurposed her grandmother’s wedding dress, for instance.

She’s also a wordsmith who drops an obnoxious number of seven-letter words every time we play Scrabble. She even wrote a song about her love of the game. (Music video forthcoming!)

AND… she wins at cribbage. A lot. Here she is last night after taking first place at another tournament in Healdsburg.

But of all the things I love about her, it’s her heart and humility I love the most. She’s one of those rare, salt-of-the-earth Sirens who will definitely cringe when she reads this because she’s modest and a bit shy. Which makes me one #LUCKYHUBBY.

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