Greetings from The Killing Fields: A Postcard

One of the Indiegogo perks my wife cooked up was a “Postcard from the U.K.” Straight away it sounded like a fun idea, but it wasn’t until this past weekend – when we finally booked our tickets to Tough Guy – that we figured out what the postcard will look like.

If you need a refresher as to why this is a high value perk, spend a few minutes inside this man’s marvelous head.

Our plan is to offer a limited number of postcards signed by Mr. Mouse. How limited? We’re not sure, but we’re not asking him to sign too many. He’s a busy man. The skyline of journals, stacks of paperwork and sketches of assorted obstacles and inventions on his desk are a testament to both his restless spirit and active imagination. He won’t be satisfied until Tough Guy circles the globe, until the world awakens to his idea for the IOC-RAF (International Obstacle Course Runners Associated Federation), until he knows his horse sanctuary is self-sustaining. In other words, there are far better uses of the man’s time than signing these postcards, so there won’t be many.

And while I’m no expert in memorabilia futures, I’m pretty sure that when this movie comes out, you’ll wish you’d spent these $15 helping us make it happen. Especially if Daniel Day Lewis ever decides to star in a Mr. Mouse biopic. Then


Note: Yes, I’m a dork.

*“Greetings from The Killing Fields” – Postcard Credits

  • Photo: James Appleton snapped the portrait of Mr. Mouse during my 2nd research expedition to the Farm for Unfortunates.
  • Wardrobe: Mr. Mouse
  • Attitude: Mr. Mouse
  • Art: Pop artist Dave Dexter imagines Mr. Mouse as a marionette in The Killing Fields.
  • Design: The Painted Warrior takes a simple postcard idea and makes it sing.
  • Perk Idea: Amber Keneally

**Two more videos about Mr. Mouse, the Godfather of OCR.


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