Hunter McIntyre is OCR’s Unbeatable Ego

I’ve met a lot of characters through the years, but few are as wild and entertaining as Hunter McIntyre. The Reebok-sponsored athlete is a hard-partying former male model who has been taking obstacle racing by storm, and the subject of my first piece for Men’s Journal.

With the help of a sub-16 minute 5k that defies his linebacker stature, he’s stood atop the podium of half his races to date, and never missed a podium. He’s a favorite to win the Spartan World Championships this fall, but no need to tell him that. ‘The Sheriff,’ as he likes to call himself, is VERY open about his awesomeness.

In an industry famously built on the humblebragging phenomenon, @huntthesheriff bypasses the humble in favor of the brag. His Instagram feed is full of shirtless selfies and #machomadness, and if you didn’t know him or appreciate his sense of humor, you probably wouldn’t like him.

I, for one, had been largely avoiding him while working on Rise of the Sufferfests because I couldn’t stomach the idea of giving someone so in love with himself a platform But… within a minute of interviewing him I realized what a HUGE mistake that would have been. Simply put, Hunter is hilarious. And unexpectedly likable. Sure, he’s says a bunch of ridiculously narcissistic shit, and takes solipsism to new heights, but he delivers the douchery with a knowing wink that somehow makes it okay (if not endearing). He’s OCR’s answer to Rob Gronkowski, and thanks to his skills (and shenanigans!!!), The Sheriff is set to become the sport’s first breakout star.


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