Look ma! I’m in ‘Entrepreneur’!



I’m legitimately honored to be featured in Entrepreneur’s roundup of Top Creatives. Matt Villano’s cover story features a handful of “inventive people” dishing their secrets to success.

What’s my secret? YOU!

“I work best when others are counting on me. So when I decided to make a feature documentary about the obstacle race phenomenon, I knew I’d need to manufacture some sort of external motivation to stick with it through the multiyear process.

Enter Facebook. In the summer of 2013, I publicly announced my intentions, started shooting and set about building a fan page. I obsessively created content — teasers, memes and such — and after cultivating 10,000 fans I launched a brazen Kickstarter campaign — too brazen. I fell $262,500 short of my $297,000 goal. It was more of a nonstarter. But thanks to the magic of very public promises, I couldn’t bring myself to quit. And I’m glad I didn’t. After bootstrapping this dream for the first 18 months, I finally found a production partner to help shoulder the load. We are scheduled to wrap production this spring for a fall release.”


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