Yes, I married up. (Way up)

To the casual observer, Amber and I may seem like an odd couple. I mean, let’s be honest: THIS… …isn’t for everyone. While that look has its place (ie. drum circles), it’s certainly not on the arm of a girl that looks like this in a magazine. Or this… And it’s a fact I’ve been (repeatedly) […]

Rise of the Sufferfests: Promo Video

Obstacle course racing (OCR) is all the rage these days. It’s on the Today Show. It’s on Wheaties’ boxes. And this month, the Spartan World Championship was televised on NBC Sports Network. In 2013, upwards of 4 million people will suffer through ice, fire, electricity, barbed wire, burpees and mud. Which is pretty wild when you […]

Kickstarter Update: Mom thinks I need a haircut

Here at the halfway point of our Kickstarter, it’s fair to say Rise of the Sufferfests is not lighting the world on fire (just yet.) Mom thinks it’d go much better if I cut my hair (“and found a razor”). Another buddy thinks I should “be more alpha.”  So… I had a little fun with […]

You’re a treatment writer? Cool! (WTF is that?)

Usually when I tell people that I’m a ‘treatment writer’, they smile and nod and say things like “Oh, cool!” before asking me WTF that means. I don’t blame them. I hadn’t a clue what that meant before lucking into this oddball career either. But since I prefer showing to telling, I thought it’d be easier to […]

Outside interviews me about RISE

I’ve often played the role of interviewer as a journalist. So it was pretty fun to be the subject of an interview. Especially in Outside, the magazine that gave me my big break. Thanks to Senior Executive Editor, Michael Roberts, for the coverage. Here’s the link.

Rise of the Sufferfests: Dedicated to Rhi

“Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald It was two years ago today. Two years ago that our super close friend (and hero mom) Rhiannon Hull drowned while saving her son’s life in Costa Rica. And while much beauty has been born of her loss, I sometimes still find […]

Rising Star: Amelia Boone in Outside

 For my next act… Yes, it’s cool that World’s Toughest Mudder, Amelia Boone, has her own Topps card. And sure, it’s incredible that she’s stood atop the podium in six of seven obstacle races she’s entered this year… …including the Spartan World Championship in Vermont. But what I find most stunning is the fact that […]

this is: Miguel Medina, “medical interpreter”

Maybe it’s just me, but when Spartan Pro Team athlete, Miguel Medina, announced his job title on 60 Minutes Sports, I erupted in laughter. Admittedly, I’m no headhunter, but – whaat? medical interpreter? – I’d never heard of that. Plus, his delivery… it was unexpectedly awesome. * The slow, deliberate peel of the gas mask… the […]

this is: Mark Morford, culture critic, columnist, yoga teacher

UPDATED Ever since discovering Mark Morford’s column a decade ago, I’ve been an eager reader of the SF Gate’s popular culture critic. He’s a next-level thinker who writes about sex, technology, politics and pop culture, all in a signature style that’s as fearless as it is funny. Whether he’s railing against the “backwater hateswamps” (ie. […]

Logo? Check. FB page? Check.

Not to get too Big Lebowski on you, but before launching our crowdfunding campaign there’s… you know, just like a lot of moving parts and things that need to be in place. At first I thought a local intern was in order. But a Brilliant friend had the bright idea of outsourcing certain projects to […]