The Treatment Center

My screenwriting partner and I just rented an office in town… a space in which we quickly converted into a writing cave. Easy to do when one of the walls is made of rock. We’re calling it The Treatment Center. Not because we’ll help you recover from your addictions or anything like that. But because […]

I’m a newspaper reporter, too

In an era when print publications are supposedly rapping at death’s door, my local paper, The Press Democrat, is expanding. A subsidiary of the The New York Times Company, this daily has recently added an entire new section in the Sunday paper, called TOWNS. Each page is devoted to a different town or region of […]

Turns out, I’m NOT Mr. Healdsburg

I recently competed in the 8th annual Mr. Healdsburg Pageant, an all-male mock beauty contest in my neck of the vines.  It’s a big fundraiser for our local performing arts center, The Raven, and features all the usual suspects: Talent, Beachwear, Formal Wear and Interview. Things got off to a slippery start when, for my […]

In Loving Memory of Timothy Neuer

This is the eulogy I gave for my friend, Timothy Neuer. (Here’s the backstory.) Whenever someone is lost unexpectedly, especially someone as young and vibrant as Tim, friends and family tend towards hyperbole. We often hear that the departed was the kindest, the happiest, and the most selfless person they knew. We hear that “it […]

The problem with “Word of the Day”

The thing about my love of words is that in my search for ones that might impress people – like my Scrabble wiz wife – I have signed up for various “Word of the Day” alerts, and regularly peruse websites that spotlight definitions of words like peruse.  That’s not a problem in and of itself, […]

Jimmy Gnecco should be more famous

As many friends have found, it doesn’t take very long for me to steer music conversations towards the topic of Ours, which is, from what I can tell, the best band nobody’s ever heard. Not just because I’ve had the honor of recording and touring with them. But because frontman Jimmy Gnecco has the best […]

Crash dieting on the Master Cleanse

For better or worse, I’ve always fancied myself an investigative humorist. I love finding or embedding myself in strange and uncomfortable scenarios, situations, subcultures, etc, in hopes of coming away with an original and interesting story to share. A story that makes people laugh and think and discuss long after the last line. It’s what […]

A Great White Shark Story Like No Other

What happens when you pump Judas Priest into the Great White waters of Guadalupe Island? A shark will eat your submersible speaker. Just ask legendary music video director Dean Karr. It happened to him. CHASING TAIL is a true account of my five days aboard Dean Karr’s 8th Annual Rock ‘n Roll White Shark Expedition. […]

Party in the U-S-A

Maybe it’s because I listened to the song ad nauseam while writing the concept for this music video. Or maybe it’s because it really is an awesome song, but I’m shamelessly hooked on Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the U-S-A.” And judging by the music video’s almost 250 million hits on YouTube, I know I’m not […]

If “This American Life” doesn’t want me…

I’m in a book! This one on the left. And in a sentence lifted off the book jacket, Rejected is “a hilarious collection of rejected stories – and rejected works – by some of today’s most accomplished and up-and-coming comedic writers and performers, sharing their pieces that were ripped to pieces and their own experiences […]