STFU: Confessions of a Reluctant HIIT Man

If you happened to read my essay for Outside about quitting a 3-mile obstacle race, you’d know I’m a confessed beta male. Walking off the course was an affront to the Spartan ethos. Fortunately, I have a sense of humor about it. But for a variety of reasons — including the birth of my son […]

I should have danced (much) less this night

For better or worse, I’ve never been one to shy away from oversharing. I kicked off my publishing career in 2003 by copping to chronic bedwetting in Jane, and followed that up with an essay about crying during a Dove self-esteem commercial. And in late 2011 – just as I fell into investigative journalism – […]

Flippin’ Fun

This isn’t me. (Thank God.) But as you’ll see in this humor essay for Bike Monkey, it has been… all too often.  

I want to ‘Get Out Alive’

Let’s start with the obvious… I’m no Bear Grylls. I mean, he eats things that I wouldn’t touch with a stick. He and I share little more in common than two ‘L’s in our last name. BUT… as I move into middle age – with nothing but orange headbands and obstacle race medals to show […]

Tough Mudder Hates Me (a little less?)

Last fall, I journeyed to Tahoe with hopes of writing a funny, experiential essay about doing my first Tough Mudder. After reading up on the company however, I chanced upon a riveting scandal in the comments sections of various news stories, blogs and YouTube clips. Tough Mudder was being slammed for stealing the idea from […]

In which I read my sweat story at Litquake Festival

Last fall the organizers of San Francisco’s Litquake Festival were kind enough to invite me back to read at Lit Crawl 2011. And by “invite me back” I really mean let me invite myself back. But hey, why split hairs, right? What’s important is that Lit Crawl is brilliant fun. A 3-hour intellectual orgy that’s […]

Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should

Yesterday, while snowboarding at Northstar, I (re-)learned an important lesson: Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should. For if I paid any mind to other sign, the one that screamed “WARNING: THIN COVER,” I might have known I wasn’t ready for White Rabbit. White Rabbit, for the uninitiated, isn’t a trail so much as […]

In which the NYT calls me “armpit-obsessed”

Early this morning (so early that it wasn’t even bright and early, just early) I walked out to the end of my driveway, coffee in hand, and retrieved my copy of The New York Times. It’s something I’ve done many times since my wife bought me a subscription for our anniversary, but never have I […]

Carey Hart is out of his fucking mind. Maybe I am too?

Several years ago, Nylon Guys sent me to Vegas to profile Carey Hart. Some of you might remember him as the Motocross maverick who pulled off the first successful back flip on a bike. Others may know him as the hubby of pop superstar Pink. Either way, the guy’s a fucking badass. There’s no other […]