Yes, I married up. (Way up)

To the casual observer, Amber and I may seem like an odd couple. I mean, let’s be honest: THIS… …isn’t for everyone. While that look has its place (ie. drum circles), it’s certainly not on the arm of a girl that looks like this in a magazine. Or this… And it’s a fact I’ve been (repeatedly) […]

Rise of the Sufferfests: Dedicated to Rhi

“Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald It was two years ago today. Two years ago that our super close friend (and hero mom) Rhiannon Hull drowned while saving her son’s life in Costa Rica. And while much beauty has been born of her loss, I sometimes still find […]

Rhiannon Hull Tribute for

Sports Illustrated has just published a feature about my friend’s inspirational life, and heroic death. And as fantastic and amazing as this is, it still sucks. I believe the word ‘bittersweet‘ was created with this very situation in mind. Please pick up the March 12 issue, grab a box of Kleenex, find a quiet place, […]

Big Talk wants you to listen up

An amigo of mine, Ronnie Vannucci, just released a record… a side project under the name Big Talk. If he were anyone else it’d be good enough to be a main project. But since he’s the drummer for the Killers, well, it’s just a side project. This is a great good record about women and […]

In Loving Memory of Timothy Neuer

This is the eulogy I gave for my friend, Timothy Neuer. (Here’s the backstory.) Whenever someone is lost unexpectedly, especially someone as young and vibrant as Tim, friends and family tend towards hyperbole. We often hear that the departed was the kindest, the happiest, and the most selfless person they knew. We hear that “it […]

Jimmy Gnecco should be more famous

As many friends have found, it doesn’t take very long for me to steer music conversations towards the topic of Ours, which is, from what I can tell, the best band nobody’s ever heard. Not just because I’ve had the honor of recording and touring with them. But because frontman Jimmy Gnecco has the best […]