Greetings from The Killing Fields: A Postcard

One of the Indiegogo perks my wife cooked up was a “Postcard from the U.K.” Straight away it sounded like a fun idea, but it wasn’t until this past weekend – when we finally booked our tickets to Tough Guy – that we figured out what the postcard will look like.*  If you need a refresher […]

Rise of the Sufferfests! A Documentary

  You don’t need to see Matt Lauer crawling under barbed wire on the Today Show to know that obstacle racing is smack in the center of the zeitgeist. In 2013, nearly 4 million people will shell out upwards of one billion dollars to suffer through ice, fire, electricity barbed wire, and mud. So it […]

#MudRunWars in The Boston Globe!

Today in ToughMudderHatesMe…   Journalist Stan Grossfeld takes Tough Mudder CEO Will Dean to task in The Boston Globe. The 2x Pulitzer Prize winner published two very different stories about the obstacle race company. Both are great, but as you can imagine, I’m partial to the one that repeatedly references my investigative feature for Outside. […]

Mr. Mouse is a Folk Hero waiting to happen

I’m currently on a week-long research expedition at the ‘Mr. Mouse Farm for the Unfortunates.’ And to be quite honest, it’s going way better than I’d hoped. (This coming from an outrageously optimistic dude.) Not only has rising star photographer/3x Tough Guy champ/freshly-single stud, James Appleton… …snapped scores of fantastic, utterly memeable PORTRAITS of Mr. […]

You know you’re a Tough Guy when…

…you lead with this… And you’ve EVER looked like this… MEET MARCEL MARTENS… Or maybe it’s “Maazel.” I don’t know… I’ve never met him. But according to a thing he posted to my wall back in February, we were standing very very close to one another at the Tough Guy start. THIS close… I remember […]

‘Races from Hell’ highlights

FAVORITE PARTS OF THE 60 MINUTES SPORTS SEGMENT 1) Everything Mr. Mouse says. The man opens with, “We’re gonna take ’em through the torture chamber.” And then he slips in this gem: “We don’t wanna actually kill ’em. But if they come here and die that’s no problem.” 2) When this guy pulls off his […]

Hmm… is ‘The Neon Run’ a scam?

Every time I’m on FB it seems like there’s a brand new ad for a (brand new) fun run that looks a lot like all the other (brand new) fun runs. With seemingly no barriers to entry in the booming mob-and-mud run industries, you don’t necessarily need a business plan these days. Hell, you don’t […]

60 Minutes Sports on obstacle racing

As a die hard fan of 60 Minutes, I’m pretty well humbled (and proud) to present a segment I helped develop with producers Gabrielle Schonder and Ira Rosen. It premiered earlier this month on the new Showtime series, 60 Minutes Sports. Not only did I make inspiring new friends through this experience, but it led […]

Mr. Mouse, “Madman of the Midlands”

I’m heading to England at the end of the month to run the Tough Guy. But more importantly, I’m going there to meet that man for the first time. What a privilege. Forget once in a generation. Mr. Mouse is a once-in-an-era kind of character… the creator/catalyst of what will soon be a half-billion dollar […]