Lana Del Rey loves Jimmy Gnecco

As I wrote here, I’ve never understood why the singer Jimmy Gnecco isn’t way more famous. It’s hard to fathom someone with this much talent flying under anybody’s radar. Luckily, his band OURS just met their goal at PledgeMusic and will be back in the studio the first time since the 2008 release of the […]

Midi Matilda will make your day

There’s this scene near the beginning of Almost Famous. You might remember it. It’s the one where the big sister kicks down her (excessively cool) record collection to her young brother and says, “Be free,” before jumping in her boyfriend’s car, and fleeing home for good. It was a watershed moment that sets the movie […]

Big Talk wants you to listen up

An amigo of mine, Ronnie Vannucci, just released a record… a side project under the name Big Talk. If he were anyone else it’d be good enough to be a main project. But since he’s the drummer for the Killers, well, it’s just a side project. This is a great good record about women and […]

Jimmy Gnecco should be more famous

As many friends have found, it doesn’t take very long for me to steer music conversations towards the topic of Ours, which is, from what I can tell, the best band nobody’s ever heard. Not just because I’ve had the honor of recording and touring with them. But because frontman Jimmy Gnecco has the best […]