Daydreaming of a 9 to 5

Sometimes I dream of having a real 9 to 5. One where you can leave your job at the office. As in you punch in, punch out, (mostly) forget about what just happened and… reeelax before you lather, rinse, repeat. This daydream has been more prevalent lately as I’ve been writing from 9 to 5. […]

I did not DIE doing what I love

Several months ago, after finally gaining back all of the weight I shed while crash dieting on the Master Cleanse (go figure), I realized that if I wanted to maintain some sort of target weight, I’d have to actually get up off my ass and do something. So I finally relented and allowed my wife […]

The problem with “Word of the Day”

The thing about my love of words is that in my search for ones that might impress people – like my Scrabble wiz wife – I have signed up for various “Word of the Day” alerts, and regularly peruse websites that spotlight definitions of words like peruse.  That’s not a problem in and of itself, […]