Look ma! I’m in ‘Entrepreneur’!

    I’m legitimately honored to be featured in Entrepreneur’s roundup of Top Creatives. Matt Villano’s cover story features a handful of “inventive people” dishing their secrets to success. What’s my secret? YOU! “I work best when others are counting on me. So when I decided to make a feature documentary about the obstacle race phenomenon, I knew […]

Hello, world… I SUCK!

Outside just published my latest story about my DNF at a Malibu Spartan Sprint.   As humiliating as that experience was, I’m stoked I found such a cool platform to share it. And it seems like the story struck a chord. It’s been shared quite a bit, and for several days sat atop Outside‘s Most Popular. Even […]

Rising Star: Amelia Boone in Outside

 For my next act… Yes, it’s cool that World’s Toughest Mudder, Amelia Boone, has her own Topps card. And sure, it’s incredible that she’s stood atop the podium in six of seven obstacle races she’s entered this year… …including the Spartan World Championship in Vermont. But what I find most stunning is the fact that […]

I should have danced (much) less this night

For better or worse, I’ve never been one to shy away from oversharing. I kicked off my publishing career in 2003 by copping to chronic bedwetting in Jane, and followed that up with an essay about crying during a Dove self-esteem commercial. And in late 2011 – just as I fell into investigative journalism – […]

Flippin’ Fun

This isn’t me. (Thank God.) But as you’ll see in this humor essay for Bike Monkey, it has been… all too often.  

TIME gets it right. NYT doesn’t.

Call me crazy, call me quixotic, but I always assumed that my investigative feature would help change the narrative about Tough Mudder. I figured that other national journalists on this beat would read my piece and perhaps reconsider writing (yet) another breathless puff piece about the company. So I was rather incensed when I read […]


Thanks to the overwhelming response to yesterday’s FB post about my stolen iPhone (and success in tracking the thief down!!), I whipped up a pitch that I hope will catch the attention of an editor at Wired or GQ or Slate, or say… a producer at This American Life. Oh, to dream.

Tough Mudder exposé in the news…

After a year of talking nonstop about this story with my close friends, family and (unimaginably patient) wife, it’s exciting to finally see others talking about it. Today, the following was featured on the homepage of The Daily Mail. Here’s a link. __ And this went live earlier on The Huffington Post. Here’s a link.


Inspired by a teaser that Esquire made to promote Chris Jones’ riveting feature about the Zanesville zoo massacre, I created one for my upcoming cover story about Tough Mudder. And here’s a sneak preview on the magazine’s website. I hope you dig. And share. #MUDRUNWARS Big love to my producer, Emmanuel Mota, for burning the […]

My exposé about Tough Mudder, on the cover

Last fall, I trekked to Lake Tahoe for my first Tough Mudder. As noted here, I was hoping to write a comedic essay about the wildly popular mud run series. But while researching the company and digging into its origins, I stumbled upon a riveting scandal. And after an exhilarating, but seemingly endless 55-week journey, […]