Watch me suffer on iTunes!

The film is out! And I sure hope you’ll BUY IT. You can watch me get muddy and bloody from the comfort of your couch! 🙂

Outside interviews me about RISE

I’ve often played the role of interviewer as a journalist. So it was pretty fun to be the subject of an interview. Especially in Outside, the magazine that gave me my big break. Thanks to Senior Executive Editor, Michael Roberts, for the coverage. Here’s the link.

Oh, the irony

Let ’em take that boat, Mr. Mouse. Your plane is coming.    

In Loving Memory of Rhiannon Hull

Here’s the eulogy I gave this weekend at the Memorial Celebration for Rhiannon Hull. For those of you who aren’t in the loop, here’s a news story about the tragedy that took my dear friend’s life. Over the past few days, one of the things I was tasked with was going through Rhiannon’s iPhoto album […]