I’m in the Mile High Club!

I always wanted to join, but had no clue the hell I’d have to go¬†through to get there. ūüėČ Rise of the Sufferfests… coming soon to an airline near you!

Sufferfests on BBC Breakfast

BBC Breakfast, the UK’s biggest morning news program, produced a segment surrounding the 30th anniversary of Tough Guy. The segment features key footage from Rise of the Sufferfests as well as interview clips with Mr. Mouse, James Appleton, Ed Gamester and… yours truly. (Hi Mom!)  

Rise of the Sufferfests: Official Trailer

We released our trailer last month.¬†The people of Facespace approved. It got all sorts of love. The organic reach was rather staggering, actually. It¬†was shared over 3000¬†times, and within 24 hours, brought¬†1500+ fans to our FB page. All organically. That was a good day at the office. Here it is. I hope you dig…

The Making of a Movie Poster

First things first, THANK YOU to the supremely¬†talented friends who generously donated their input, advice, time and skills in the creation of our movie poster. Let’s start with this little firecracker, Danielle Levitt. A video posted by Danielle Levitt (@daniellelevitt) on Jun 2, 2016 at 7:36am PDT Though we’d never met, I’d been writing commercial […]

I met Morgan Spurlock!

We went to Sundance in January. Not to show our movie. But to shoot our last interview. I was more or less terrified of interviewing him. It felt like challenging LeBron to a game of one-on-one. That said, he¬†was¬†funny and¬†approachable and¬†had¬†all sorts of interesting things to say about the rise of the sufferfests. Which made […]

Look ma! I’m in ‘Entrepreneur’!

    I’m legitimately honored to be featured in¬†Entrepreneur’s¬†roundup of Top Creatives. Matt Villano’s cover story features a handful of “inventive people” dishing their secrets to success. What’s my secret?¬†YOU! “I work best when others are counting on me. So when I decided to make a feature documentary about the obstacle race phenomenon, I knew […]

Kickstarter Update: Mom thinks I need a haircut

Here at the halfway point of our Kickstarter, it’s fair to say Rise of the Sufferfests is not lighting the world on fire (just yet.) Mom thinks it’d go much better if I cut my hair (“and found a razor”). Another buddy thinks I should “be more alpha.”¬† So… I had a little fun with […]

You’re a treatment writer? Cool! (WTF is that?)

Usually when I tell people that I’m a ‚Äėtreatment writer‚Äô, they smile and nod and say things like “Oh, cool!” before asking me¬†WTF¬†that means. I don’t blame them. I hadn’t a clue what that meant before lucking into this oddball career either. But since I prefer showing to telling, I thought it’d be easier to […]

Rise of the Sufferfests: Dedicated to Rhi

“Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald It was two years ago today. Two years ago that our super close friend (and hero mom) Rhiannon Hull drowned while saving her son’s life in Costa Rica. And while much beauty has been born of her loss, I sometimes¬†still find […]

Rising Star: Amelia Boone in Outside

¬†For my next act… Yes, it’s cool that World’s Toughest Mudder, Amelia Boone, has her own Topps card. And sure, it’s incredible that she’s stood atop the podium in six of seven obstacle races she’s entered this year… …including the Spartan World Championship in Vermont. But what I find most stunning is the fact that […]