this is: Miguel Medina, “medical interpreter”

Maybe it’s just me, but when Spartan Pro Team athlete, Miguel Medina, announced his job title on 60 Minutes Sports, I erupted in laughter. Admittedly, I’m no headhunter, but – whaat? medical interpreter? – I’d never heard of that. Plus, his delivery… it was unexpectedly awesome. * The slow, deliberate peel of the gas mask… the […]

The Easter iPhone miracle: John 3:16 saves

THIS IS RODRIGO I haven’t met him, but from what I hear (and see), he’s a character.  He’s also a devout Christian who’s having the Easter of his life.  (Note: To my friends who thought I had a good iPhone story: mine was batshit crazy decent. His is magic.) Happy Easter, Rodrigo!

‘Races from Hell’ highlights

FAVORITE PARTS OF THE 60 MINUTES SPORTS SEGMENT 1) Everything Mr. Mouse says. The man opens with, “We’re gonna take ’em through the torture chamber.” And then he slips in this gem: “We don’t wanna actually kill ’em. But if they come here and die that’s no problem.” 2) When this guy pulls off his […]